Dr. Frank Geipel

Penzberg / Didgeridoo-Spieler, -Forscher und -Bauer seit 1999
Spezialgebiet: Mathematische Modellierung - Computer Aided Didge Sound Design
Interaktion zwischen Instrument und traditionellen Spieltechniken
Instrumenten Design mittels künstlicher gerichteter Evolution (Artificial Directed Evolution Methods)

Vorträge / Workshops / Didge-Sound-Design


Penzberg / Didgeridoo player, researcher and craftsman since 1999 expert for mathematical modelling Special field: Mathematical modelling - Computer Aided Didge Sound Design Interaction between instrument and traditional playing techniques Design of instruments using artificial directed evolution methods

Here are some spontaneous interviews during a meeting with Andrea Ferroni in Italy in 2023.
As English is not my native language, some of the content comes across a little sluggishly.
Which, curiously enough, can actually be an advantage, because in German I would certainly have gone much deeper into the intricacies of the subject matter, but the interviews would also have been at least three times as long.
But anyway, I hope you have some interesting and entertaining fun with the subject matter and my Thuringian English.


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